Rev Vicki Terrell/Debbie Ward/Anna Nelson

  1. Rev Vicki Terrell, Anglican priest and initiator of the Disability Faith Community, Auckland, New Zealand

and Debbie Ward. 2000-2010 a Trustee for Christian Ministries with Disabled Trust

and Anna Nelson. Student Adviser – Disability Specialist at AUT University and Co-Chair of Auckland Local Advisory Committee for CCS Disability Action, New Zealand

Igniting the Fire: Disabled People Creating Church

This is our story of a young faith community made up of mostly disabled people who have a relationship with God. We meet together to worship and share our experience of God and of the Church.   Most people in the Disability Faith community have felt some exclusion and so are wary about the mainstream Church.

“In June 2015, I was challenged by some leaders in the Anglican Church in Auckland to gather some disabled people together into a faith community. After the first couple of meetings it felt although the fire had been laid and this challenge was the match to light it, what a privilege it was to be part of this.” says Rev Vicki Terrell. “I remember the conversations we had a couple of years ago.  It is like a seed had to be sowed and nurtured for some time until you began to see the fruits of your vision coming forth.” says Debbie Ward “We are meeting by choice at CCS Disability Action because it is an equally physically accessible and spiritually safe place. It is pan disability and non-denominational even though initiated by the Anglican Church.” says Anna Nelson. We will share more about our young and growing community church created by disabled people for disabled people.