Prof. Keith McVilly/David Treanor

  1. Prof. Keith McVilly, Disability and Social Inclusion, The University of Melbourne and David Treanor, National Leader, L’Arche Australia     

Often it’s hard to know what’s the right thing to say or do – the everyday ethics of providing support for people with disability. 

In 2007 the Australasian Society for Intellectual Disability – research to practice (ASID) published the Australasian Code of Ethics for Direct Support Professionals.  This was the result of a five year programme of research and consultation involving direct support staff across Australia and New Zealand, to establish a set of ethics guidelines to inform their practice.

Importantly, this process and publication recognised that people need more than knowledge and skills when supporting people with disability; they need to be able to think and act ethically.  Recognising the need to translate research into practice and to assist the disability support workforce to develop their consciousness of the importance of, and competence in, ethical practice, we are seeking to develop a suite of educational and professional development resources based on the The Code.

This interactive workshop will provide an opportunity to examine The Code and to consider a range of potential approaches to its further development and dissemination.  To these ends, we will discuss adult learning theory and its application to contemporary models of ethics / moral education programmes applied in related fields.