Mrs Katrina Mynard

8. Mrs Katrina Mynard. Pastoral worker, John Pierce Centre, Melbourne

(This elective will have an AUSLAN interpreter)

Deaf Aware: I Can’t Hear You, BUT I Can See You.

We need empathy not sympathy. How can your church help out without being obvious?  Are you willing to change for the better? This presentation is focused on improving the awareness of Deaf people and of their needs within Parishes. I will aim to give an insight into a Deaf person’s life experiences and I will use my own experiences to educate others. I will share insights into growing up as a young girl into adult life through the Catholic Church where I have attended services in a hearing environment, a deaf environment and in integrated settings. I will explain the frustrations and barriers deaf people can encounter and I will discuss ways to overcome them. I will encourage the audience to ask questions and I hope I can give solutions to specific settings. The focus is to help provide a more accessible environment where Deaf people can learn about their faith and can comfortably grow in their spirituality.