Mark Grantham

18.  Mr Mark Grantham. Mark was born with cerebral palsy and in 2014 received a Queen’s Service Medal in New Zealand’s New Year Honours

Round wheels and a square pew: a wheel-eye view on God, the world, the church and me.

God loves you. Now climb these steps – metaphorically as well as literally.   Mark’s got a pretty robust faith in God. It’s a stronger faith than many of us would have if we were in Mark’s shoes – or on his wheels, to be more metaphorically accurate. Mark grew up in a faith family, so God and the rest of them were part of what he took for granted. Kidzchurch was fun, another bunch of mainstream people to relate to. Inclusion.  As an adult, he continued to attend church, enthusiastically, for a while. Then he stopped. Why? ‘Because I’m the odd one out,’ he sadly realised. Exclusion. (By God too?)    With their inimitable interview interaction format, son-father duo Mark and Chris Grantham (experienced presenters across New Zealand and internationally) entertainingly outline Mark’s story of life in and out of the church and the world with some of the good, the bad and the plain ugly. They show how it was, how it is – and how so easily it ought to be.