Josephine Snowdon

  1. Josephine Snowdon. Lay Minister, St. Mary’s Church, North Melbourne

Creating Sanctuary through the “Felt Sense” in Worship – Inclusion and Justice in Worship

A visual and auditory self-guided power point presentation (laptop) that displays a small worship program aiming to be inclusive for children and families (and adults) with ‘diffabilities.’

Light Up! Seeks to be a public worship program that thinks first of those with sensory related difficulties and those who participate best through an intentionally sensory approach.

Light Up! is run from an Anglican Parish in North Melbourne but is open to all denominations and is, therefore, ecumenical in nature. It is in the genre of a “Prayer Praise and Proclamation’  and open to those from a wide geographic area  – a form of new pastoral outreach to churched and unchurched.